Educational and clinical supervision

You will have regular meetings with your Educational Supervisor during your first placement, as set out in your ePortfolio and on subsequent placements, for the whole year. It is your responsibility, and yours alone, to arrange the appropriate meetings with your Educational Supervisor.

Medical trainee consults online records with a doctorThe arrangements for clinical supervision are less rigid. Our view is that anyone more senior to you who is supervising you at a particular time is giving you clinical supervision.

Traditionally, your Clinical Supervisor would be one of your firm's consultants, but in these days of large firms with multiple consultants and trainees on multiple shifts, this model no longer really holds.

In your first placement, your Educational Supervisor is often also your Clinical Supervisor.

For subsequent placements, in general it is the Educational Supervisors within a department who tend to keep an eye on the new trainees coming through that department.

All the Educational Supervisors meet four times a year to discuss training issues. At these meetings each individual Foundation trainee is discussed, in as much or as little detail as required.

Training Programme Director (TPD) meetings

Sometimes trainees are asked to meet with the Training Programme Director (TPD) to discuss their progress. The triggers for this meeting are things such as poor attendance at teaching sessions and not performing enough assessments.

Usually there are good explanations, and it is useful to discuss these and find a way forward. These confidential meetings are intended to be supportive rather than punitive.