Mentoring scheme

Clinical training 7

This scheme has been developed to formalise mentoring relationships between trained mentors and mentees.

While many consultants may already have established informal mentoring relationships, this Trust scheme offers a structured and centralised approach, with quality assurance processes fit for revalidation. 

Any new mentoring arrangements should be organised through this scheme.   The formalisation of the mentoring relationship will not detract from the confidentiality of discussions between the mentor and mentee. 

What is its aim?

Mentoring is a relationship and so involves both parties. The aim of our scheme is to facilitate an effective mentoring relationship, where the mentor helps the mentee to explore their agenda, to crystalise their views and to motivate them to achieve to the best of their potential.

A successful mentoring relationship requires mutual respect, honesty and understanding.

If you would like to formalise and further develop your mentoring skills, contact: 

Maxine Owen, PGMDE Manager
Tel: 020 7848 5642 / 016898 63280