Consultant support

Consultants are supported by the Consultant Committee, through training dates, and the Moxham Club.

Consultant Committee - development sessions

The Consultant Committee meets quarterly and provies and opportunity for a two-way dialogue between the senior management team and consultants.

Included in these meetings are the development sessions. These half-day training sessions are hosted by the Executive Medical Director. They provide updates on statutory and mandatory training, followed by an eminent speaker on a topic of interest. Lunch is also provided.

Networking at the Moxham Club

The Moxham Club:

A small group of consultants plan and run the meetings, which start at about 5.30pm - 6pm and are held three or four times a year. Those who would like to stay after the meeting often extend the evening with dinner at a restaurant.

Clinical Leadership Programme

The Clinical Leadership Programme is aimed at clinicians in management roles or in the process of becoming a clinical lead. Its aim is to improve their performance as leaders, by acquiring a deeper understanding of what leadership means and the essential skills to support them in their roles.

The programme supports you in achieving:

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Maxine Owen, Medical Education Manager

Trainers' Forum

We hold quarterly lectures for all trainers on a range of topics.

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We also have a mentoring scheme which formalises mentoring relationships between trained consultant mentors and mentees.