Foundation Year 1

FY1s rotate through three jobs in different hospital specialties. Every FY1 completes a rotation of General Medicine. The rest of the year may be made up of further time spent in General Medicine, General Surgery or time spent in other specialties.

Clinical Training - Group 1 - 227x 177

The first year of the Foundation Programme builds upon the knowledge, skills and competences acquired in undergraduate training. The learning objectives for this year are set by the General Medical Council (GMC) and based on the achievement of specific competences.

During this first year, Foundation Year 1 doctors hold only provisional registration. Full registration is granted on successful completion of the first year.

FY1 induction

Your induction at King's will start with a week's shadowing of the current FY1s. This gives you some valuable experience of the clinical environment, and an opportunity to ask questions and address any concerns you may have. It also incorporates the statutory and mandatory training you must complete before working at the Trust. 

Following your week's shadowing you will be invited to attend an FY1 Induction Day, where you will meet all your FY1 colleagues and the King's Foundation Programme Team. This induction programme also includes a variety of short topics designed to help you settle in as an FY1.

Alongside your formal induction the Doctors' Mess Committee organises a number of social events where you can pick up hints and tips from your outgoing colleagues about the Trust and the area where you will be working and living. 

FY1 Specialties

This section is being updated for August 2015.

FYI Teaching Programme

The FY1 teaching programme addresses what we consider the most important parts of the Foundation Programme Curriculum. All of this teaching time is protected and runs weekly in the PGMDE department at lunchtimes.

Denmark Hill Site - Download a sample of  King's FY1 Teaching Programme Timetable.

PRUH Site - Please contact Zoe Hayes, for a sample of the programme. 

You will also attend a one day mandatory simulation training day.

In addition, there are also a number of half-day workshops that you will be invited to attend, which include the following topics: