Foundation Year 2

Training builds on what you have achieved during the previous year. All FY2s will do an Emergency Medicine rotation then further posts in General Medicine, General Surgery, General Practice, Public Health, Palliative Care, GUM and Psychiatry. 

FY2 teaching

Simulation training 1

The second half of the year focuses on careers and interview practice. This is all fully evaluated and provides certification for e-portfolios and the next-stage interviews.The first half of the year focuses on the more generic elements of the curriculum providing a series of interactive workshops. This includes a two-day Professional Development Workshop, Pharmacy, Radiology, ALS, Simulation training and the clinical topics and Pharmacology.

Trainees are also encouraged to attend learning opportunities within specialties, including: MRCP teaching, grand rounds, Core Surgical Teaching Programme CT1/2, Interstitial Lung Disease meeting, to name just a few.

FY2 specialties

There are 40 FY2 rotations, of which 7 are Academic Foundation Posts, leaving 33 to be allocated by South Thames Foundation School at the beginning of each year.

Denmark Hill Site - Download King's FY2 post list.

PRUH Site - Please contact Zoe Hayes, for FY2 post list.

Careers Fair and applying to specialties

Our Careers Fair is an opportunity to speak to our Consultants from a variety of specialties about your progression and potential career path before applying to specialties. The Careers Fair is held once a year in early October. 

Selection Centre Training Videos for Speciality Trainees

These videos cover the majority of selection centre tasks that trainees undergo for both Medical, Surgical and GP specialities.

Each video provides an example of each task applicants will go through, with a selection of scenarios and questions which replicate actual selection centres. The assessors and candidates in the videos are played by real consultants and trainees taking part in a 'mock-up' selection process. The video's offer tips, advice and feedback to candidates, supporting trainees on how to structure their personal preparation for the selection centre process. 

The videos are available HERE with and without subtitles and the list is as follows:

Video 1 - Introduction - an overview to all of the videos included in the following links and an overview of the different types of selection centres.

Video 2 - Portfolio Interview - Candidates are questioned about the content and format of their portfolios

Video 3 - Structured Interview - Candidates are asked questions by a panel of assessors

Video 4 - GP/Role Play Station - The candidates are given a brief and a few minutes to prepare for the assessment, candidates conduct interviews with a patient, family member or colleague

Video 5 - Ten Minute Summary - This provides a summary of the key points made in the Portfolio Interview, Structured Interview, and GP/role-play station videos.

Video 6 - Presentation - This video shows how applicants, from a short list of topics, prepare and then give a brief presentation followed by questioning from the assessor panel.

Video 7 - Simulation -The skills of the candidates are tested in this case using a simulated patient.

Video 8 - End credits