Specialty training

Traineed doctors practise ultrasound on a patient

The specialty training years are when you want to concentrate on your chosen field and build on the competencies you have developed during your earlier years of training.

The PGMDE team, working with your divisional supervisors, are here to support this transition. 

An important element of higher specialty training is working towards preparation for your consultant post. At King's you can attend a Training Tomorrow's Trainers course and sign up to the Specialty Lead Registrar (SLR) Leadership Development Programme. For further information about this programme, Please contact Cecile Simpson, Service Manager: cecile.simpson@nhs.net

We also run a GP vocational training scheme (VTS).

Grand Rounds

During the academic term, there are weekly Grand Round meetings they provide an important and regular opportunity for multi-disciplinary meeting and education.

Grand Rounds are open to all staff and students at King's Health Partners. 

Denmark Hill Site - Lunch is at 12.30pm followed by the first of the two lectures at 1pm. These consist of a 20-minute presentation plus a 10- minute discussion period in the Gainsford Lecture Theatre with in the Weston Education Centre (WEC)

PRUH Site - Lunch is at 12.30pm followed by a lecture at 1pm lasting approx 1 - hour, held in Lecture Theatre within the Education Centre.

Consultants (both full time NHS and honorary academic post holders), in all disciplines, are given the opportunity to present on a rotating basis.  The emphasis is on education and improving patient care.  Grand Rounds may be traditional - an interesting clinical case presentation and discussion - or an opportunity to present a body of clinically relevant research work which will be of interest to a general audience.

Go to Grand Rounds on King's main site for more information, or contact Vivian Anyaegbuna: vivian.anyaegbuna@nhs.net for the Denmark Hill Site and for the PRUH Site contact Abbie Merritt: abbie.merritt@nhs.net