Study leave

Study leave allows you to enhance your clinical education and training in areas not easily acquired in the clinical setting or locally, for example, theoretical knowledge such as basic sciences and statistics. 

You should plan it as far in advance as possible as an integral part of your education and training.

All doctors, apart from those in their first foundation year, can apply for study leave. Ask your Educational Supervisor how to arrange leave. Generally the Clinical Director, or Division Manager will grant leave, but the divisions must ensure that cover arrangements are in place. 

Applying for study leave/CPD funding

Your annual funding allocation depends on your grade, contract duration and is calculated pro rata. The number of days you are entitled to depends on how many days a week you normally work, with an annual maximum of up to 30 days for training grades and 10 for non-training grades.  

Study leave/CPD is centrally administered by the PGMDE Department. Applications for study leave must be made online via Intrepid.

To apply online, you will need the following:

To apply you must:

Please note that retrospective applications will not be accepted under any circumstances.


In order to claim reimbursement, study leave application must be submitted online prospectively. Once the online approval process is completed (Applicant can monitor the progress of the application by simply login into their Intrepid account) please upload your receipts and certificate of attendance onto your Intrepid account and then notify your study leave coordinator to have it processed for payment.

Payment for reimbursement will only be paid once you have attended the course and submitted all required documentation. Payment is made retrospectively and reimbursed through your salary. It is not taxable.

For more information refer to the Q&A document, or contact the Study Leave Co-ordinators:

Patrick M. Koltuniak - - if you're based at the Denmark Hill site.

April Andrews - - at the PRUH site.