"From the very first day, the King's College Hospital (KCH) staff make you feel as though you are part of the protected family. This was helped by an immensely informative induction and orientation. A visit from the Chief Executive, Tim Smart, made me really appreciate the extent we are valued as trainee doctors.

"As a tertiary centre, KCH receives many highly complex patients, meaning junior doctors have the chance to work and learn alongside some of the UK's leading opinions in their fields. On a personal level, the appointment of Clinical and Educational Supervisors meant I was never short of a mentor.

"It is KCH's modern computerised approach that makes it a genuinely unique learning environment. The Kingsweb and Kwiki intranet systems are a Pandora's Box of endless learning resources available for trainee doctors. At just the click of a button anyone can access any Trust guidelines, national practice guidelines, the electronic BNF, the electronic portfolio system, educational videos, training portal supplements, career support, noticeboards and current news blogs."

Karim Amer, junior doctor

"The KCH leadership course was designed on a bespoke basis, at the Trust's request, to enable its senior staff to develop their practice as leaders within the organisation.

"It has now evolved from a focus on medical staff only, to include nurses and other clinical and general management staff; creating a rich mix of experience amongst participants and leading to some interesting challenges and debates!

"This has been a very positive development and the appropriate way to create a vibrant leadership community within the Trust."

Mrs JP Cowpe, Director, Clinical Management and Leadership Team, Keele University